About Brendan Taylor Filice

A college student who is eager to make his mark in the world of photography, Brendan Taylor Filice has been capturing moments in time for nearly a decade. He has an appreciation for nature and wildlife that grew not only from innate curiosity but from his ample experience as a snowboarder, skateboarder, rollerblader, and hiker. His interest in athleticism was put into practice at a young age, as he played rugged games of soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and football.

Brendan Taylor Filice grew up in Irvine, California and played numerous team sports, such as soccer, football, and baseball, in his middle school and high school years. Now he is taking various courses at Santiago Canyon College, including digital photography and science classes.

Brendan Taylor Filice wants to build his career around observing, analyzing, and preserving wildlife.

In addition to these interests, Brendan Taylor Filice loves to spend time watching films—both classic and recent—and hanging out with his pets: various fish, a bearded dragon lizard, and the family dog. The ever-present love of animals and nature has prompted Brendan Taylor Filice to focus his future academic studies on environmentalism, wildlife, and biology, and he intends to use his photographic ability to aid him with surveyance and scientific analysis.


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